Best Social Networking Sites to Generate Traffic

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Plenty of best social networking sites are available online, which helps to drive organic traffic as well as referral. In today’s era social media is playing most significant role to generate potential business and with social media websites awareness of brand can be created easily.

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Top Social Networking Sites List

Facebook: Facebook one of the swiftest emerging Social Networking site and also the highest source of profit and traffic to your Website. To drive more traffic from Facebook get connected to groups/pages as per your position and distribute your substance/content on the groups to fetch huge traffic to your website from billions of users using Facebook. If you are a FB user you can easily share your articles with friends, groups in your position.

Twitter: Twitter is another popular social networking site after FB; this is another source to attract instant and huge traffic to your website/blog.

Google+: Best medium for traffic is Google+, with increasing web users Google+ community is growing and is able to attract immense traffic. It is an easy and fastest growing community; you can join Google+ community and share your content/blog in your circle/niche. Once you join this community you will gain huge traffic in less time, user is able to create attractive Google+ profile.

Linkedin: Linkedin is a professional social networking website with more than 10 million web users who are actively participating on a daily basis. Compared to other social networking websites Linkedin traffic quality is considered to be better than other social networking sites. Being the most professional social networking site Linkedin receives quality traffic from Linkedin.

Pinterest: Pinterest is essentially a visual discovery medium that can be used to find ideas suitable for all the articles presented on Pinterest. All the good quality works can be found or saved on Pinterest, if your articles consist of quality images then Pinterest is the best option and it should not be ignored. Users should carefully pin images with right group and after doing that you will receive huge traffic.

Stumbleupon: looking for quality traffic then Stumbleupon is the best source; it is a social bookmarking platform, no matter how active the user is on Stumbleupon you only get quality traffic for your website/articles etc.

Youtube: Users can create own channel on Youtube, it is one of the most used and visited website. It is a largest website where videos can be shared, over and above 800 million Youtube users are generated over a month. To make your product, service or website popular host your videos on Youtube with backlinks to your website.

Instagram: Instagram is a great platform to promote the business, it is not just video or photo sharing website but users can use it to create profile and share appropriate pictures/videos to right people to attract huge traffic.

Reddit: Content is the king, share right content at right time on Reddit. To get huge traffic for your substance start advertising/promoting your blog with Reddit.

VK: To gain quality traffic for your website VK is the best medium, it is European’s largest online social networking service.

Flickr: Upload, organize, edit, access and share your photos from any gadget and from anywhere on th globe.

Digg: Digg has a curated front page, it is a news aggregator planning to choose stories exclusively for the internet viewers such as political issues, science and trending internet issues. Sharing your blogs/articles with Digg will get you huge traffic.

Myspace: Myspace provides space for videos, emails, forum, weblog and community. It is an international site where quality space is offered for internet users. Original and fascinating post gain huge traffic, is a community of marketers, professionals and bloggers who have a liking to read and share quality content/post. helps you gain immense traffic for all your posts and content. helps you discover new content based on your interest, it is the trendiest content publisher and curation tool. Users can share their website content and blog on, this community ( will follow your board and will attract huge traffic.

Delicious: Top social bookmarking site is Delicious with users crossing 10 million. Delicious makes it easy for you to share your articles, emphasis is laid on quality content. Try Delicious to share your quality content.

Squidoo: As per your interest Squidoo allows you to create content, it is a community sort website allowing you to post your article. Squidoo also helps in getting backlinks for your website.

Hubpages: Hubpages is a revenue sharing website, it is a best place to create and ascertain original content. The results of articles posted on Hubpages are ranked high in Google; it manages to get good traffic to your website for your good articles that are submitted to Hubpages.

Wikipedia: 50 million articles are shared on Wikipedia; it provides quality backlinks along with quality traffic to your website. Wikipedia will mark you as spam if the matter/topic is irrelevant.

Yahoo Answers: Yahoo Answers is a quality analyst website, it is one of the top ranking website. Post common issues, write blogs and answers on Yahoo Answers. If any user puts a question concerned to your role/niche then you can add your link, in turn Yahoo Answers will offer huge referral traffic.

Flickr: The most popular photo sharing website is Flickr; users can upload blog post on the web on Flickr. People will look at your profile and will click on your link to view your profile, compared to content images are powerful and will generate good traffic. Post quality blogs and images to attract more traffic.

Technorati: Technorati lay emphasis on blogs, tags and posts helping to classify the search result, it works as search engine for your blogs. To get more popular tags try Technorati Tag indexer.

Blog Engage: Bloggers use Blog engage, it is a popular community for bloggers. Users can submit blog post to receive quality traffic and backlinks.

Tribber: Tribber is the most sought after community blogger, here you can share and read the quality content posted on Tribber. Tribber offers a premium plan for membership costing $10/month. Users can connect with Tribber, Twitter and Facebook account.

Slideshare: For sharing presentation and slides Slideshare is popular, it is one of the popular and largest community for sharing slides. To get traffic for your website you can upload your presentations and slides on Slideshare.

Quora: For users queries Quora is the most popular Q/A website, for solving users issues Quora offers targeted traffic. Quora is on top of Google Ranking, it is a popular traffic source where you can get answers for your Quora questions based on the subject regarding your post. For huge traffic Quora is the best option.

Bizsugar: For sharing tips and news Bizsugar is an ideal option, it is a business community for sharing article, posts, videos, blogs etc. Ensure your article contains striking headlines and useful content.

SlashDot: For all the technology news SlashDot is the apt website, it consists news and current interactions about science and technology submitted by the users.

Thank you one and all for being here. Users are free to share more social networking websites via comment.

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Popular List of Social Networking Sites

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In today’s internet world top social networking sites have become the most sought after sites/ pages frequently visited by numerous users on the internet. In this article you can find out most popular list of social networking websites, it is imperative to find which one is the best for individual’s personality and empower you to distribute your feelings, thoughts within the friend circle, even if you are sharing nothing more than a audio or a video.