Google Toolbar Page Rank Update 6 Dec 2013

Google Toolbar Page Rank Update 6 Dec 2013

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I think on 6 Dec 2013 Google has rolled out toolbar page rank update but not yet confirmed officially from Google. I was shocked when I saw page rank changes on many websites because this update was not expected.

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I think last Toolbar PageRank update was ten months ago on 14 February, earlier Google used to update quarterly due to some technical problem it’s not been updated. At Pubcon Las Vegas Matt Cutt told us we had not seen any page rank update since from past couple of months because the pipeline pushes PR updates was broken. On that day he said there are no plans to fix it at least not before 2014.

Many websites I am seeing but majority of websites dropped their page rank in comparison to their previous rank.

I am damn confident today’s page rank tool bar update makes many SEO’s sad.

Previous Page Rank Updates dates are shown below,

6 December 2013 (Not yet confirmed officially)
4 Feb 2013
7 Nov 2012
2 Aug 2012
2 May 2012
7 Feb 2012
7 Nov 2011
Aug 2011
JUL 2011
JUN 2011
Apr 2010
31 Dec 2009
30 Oct 2009
28 May 2009
Jun 2009
1 Apr2009
30Dec 2008
27 Sep 2008
26 Jul 2008
29 Apr2008
9 Jan 2008
26 Octr 2007
28 Apr2007

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